The challenges

Small and Medium Business in New Zealand could feel struggle when trying to scale the business capabilities simultaneously as the projects and number of employee increases. The cost of communication increased. And now, it’s time to get an internal management tool in place.

You might have been trialling some of the software to help. But due to the lack of understanding of the tool and without an expert support team. You may find it overwhelming and end up giving up. As a result, you would feel struggle when your business scale.

Why do you need Leadingtek internal management system?

  • Project management
  • Client management
  • Employee tasks management
  • Proposal/Estimate/Invoice Management
  • Full hosted in the cloud
  • Expert Support

Projects, Clients, Staff, Tasks Management

We use tasks to link client projects with the employee. It makes the whole project clear on who does what. This gives you and your client a good presentation of the overall of the project

Paper and disk dependency free; Save all your client information
in one place for the future management.

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Proposal/Estimate/Invoice Management

Follow with your client by just create one thing. You can convert from one to another for proposal, estimate and invoice. You can also manage recurring invoice of any of your client.

Internet Payment Gateway Ready

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Expert Support

Your system will be looked after by a group of experts in cloud computing and modern application architecture.

Let the SMB has the same level of care and support as the large enterprise and government in New Zealand

  • Fully managed in the cloud, allow you and your employee access anywhere they want.
  • Enterprise level of implementation, guarantee your data integrity and security.
  • Point-in-Time Backup solution is available to protect your data from disaster.
  • Super friendly and professional team.
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we help you to Free you up from I.T. so you can focus more on your own business

No matter what size your project is, We can all easy it with our efficient development skill and great customer services. In the past 5 years, we helped hundreds of companies transform their business, reduce costs, streamline processes and introduce revolutionary new services with cloud computing. Feel free to have a chat with us to see more options of your next project.

  • IT Consultancy/Support
  • Cloud Migration
  • Web Design/Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Remote Office Setup
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Security